Kate, originally from Guildford, came to Cornwall 15 years ago and quickly fell in love with it.  The county has a long history of art and the abundance of galleries in the area sparked a dormant creative desire, so she embarked on building a body of work in her own unique style.

Working with oil and mixed media, Kate’s abstract collection is a unique expression of freedom bound by minimal use of colour, yet boundless in its imagination. Each original piece is uncompromised and unlimited. Complex, textured shades support geometry without borders. Shapes and colours emerge and fade with gentle subtlety, inspired by the infinite sub-conscious mind and providing compelling drama. Her work carries a strong emotional element and she describes painting as simultaneously cathartic, meditative, explorative and exhilarating.

Her non-abstract collections include local landscapes and contemporary angels. In a unique fusion of the old and new, inspired by 19th-century French academic painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau (The Birth of Venus), Kate’s created modern interpretations of classical scenes.  That particular collection was featured in ‘The Times’.

Kate’s work is on display in galleries across the UK. She’s had mixed and solo exhibitions showcasing her art.